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1965 Vox (JMI) AC30/6

Here is a fantastic JMI-built 1965 Vox AC30/6. I was happy to see that the amp had been previously serviced by Cesar Diaz back in 1995. The owner just purchased the amp, and brought it to me to thoroughly check it over. Diaz already put in jacks for the speakers and footswitch, and replaced several caps. He also hardwired the voltage selector to 115V. Oddly, he didn’t fix JMI’s filament wiring error, so I have taken care of that. I have installed a buck transformer to get the voltages under control, and improved the grounding scheme to reduce noise. Also, at the customer’s request, I have replaced the 3-way speed switch with a potentiometer for complete control of the vib/trem speed.


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