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National Westwood N6416T (c. 1966)

I really love the Valco builds, such as this 1966 National Westwood N6416T. As you can see, I took a couple of photos of the inside before I did any work, but I forgot to take any after I was done. I guess I was just too excited to play it! It got a 3-prong power cord, and some new caps. I left the original Mallory multipart can cap in place for the looks, but wired new F&T caps inside. When the amp came in, it had one original speaker and one replacement speaker, but the owner still had the damaged original. We were able to repair it, and now the proper pair are back in action. This is a great sounding amp, and I really love the spring reverb tank built into a cardboard box. Pure Valco charm!


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