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65Amps Stone Pony

Call me impressed with the 65Amps Stone Pony! This is the first amp from 65Amps that I’ve had in for service, and it is a very nice build. With an EF86 up front, and a cathode biased pair of 7591 for power, it is chock-full of Classic Rock tones. And it has a great power regulating master volume for dropping the wattage while keeping your crunch. I had to increase the cathode resistor because the customer installed new tubes and it was going nuclear. (Don’t let people tell you that cathode biased amps don’t need to have the bias checked when changing tubes.) Otherwise, it is a really beautiful build.

I’m somewhat disappointed to learn that 65Amps is no longer in business. There has been some internet gossip about them restarting production, but no evidence of that. Hopefully, this will not be the only one of their amps that ever comes through my shop, as I will be interested to see their other models.


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