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Fender 6G15 Reverb

Here’s a 6G15 standalone reverb that a customer brought to me with a “big problem” that turned out to just be a bad 7025 tube. With a new tube it works flawlessly.

I absolutely LOVE these standalone reverb units. You can dial-in an immersive sound that you can’t get with the typical amp reverb. Don’t get me wrong, there are definite benefits to having the parallel reverb in the amp, after the gain stages and tone stack. But having this reverb before the amp opens up a whole new character.

I, personally, have a Premier 90 reverb that is amazing. It uses a 6AQ5 tube as the reverb driver, instead of the 6K6 used in the Fender. On paper, the 6AQ5 is essentially a miniature 7-pin 6K6 functional equivalent. But I have to admit, my beloved Premier 90 doesn’t sound as sweet and full as the Fender. There are, of course, other differences between the two circuits. But I suspect the 6K6 is the key player in what I am hearing.

Hmmmm… I have most of the necessary parts hanging around. Maybe it’s time for me to build a 6G15 copy for myself!


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