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1965 Fender Vibrolux Reverb (AA864)

Here we have a 1965 Vibrolux Reverb that came in making a “whooshing sound”, according to the customer. I found that it still had the original Mallory electrolytic caps on the cathodes, and on all the filters except for the reservoir caps (which had $1 generic caps). I also found that whoever installed the 3-wire power cord did so incorrectly, and the owner is lucky he didn’t get a good zap!

I used a Sprague and an F&T to raise the reservoir cap to 42uF, and increased all the other filter nodes to 22uF with F&T caps. This will have the amp running quieter than ever before. All the cathode bypass caps got replaced with Sprague.

Since I had to re-do the power cord, I also took out the little 6-foot SVT cord that they had used, and replaced it with a 12-foot SJT cord. This is what SHOULD be used here. Oh, and I wired it correctly, too, so that my customer doesn’t get his hair curled.


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