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Custom built Marshall Super Bass copy

Just finished this build for a customer.  It’s a copy of the 1969 Marshall Super Bass 100.  The chassis and most of the hardware came from ValveStorm and the cabinet was made by Sour Mash (in the awesomely cool purple!).

The amp features Mercury Magnetics transformers, F&T filter caps, Synergy Royal Mustard coupling caps (as well as a couple of NOS mustard caps), CTS pots, and a full line-up of NOS Mullard tubes. I selected the tubes from a collection of 3 different matched quads of EL34s, and over a dozen 12AX7s, all of which I tested on both of my tube testers, and auditioned by ear. The tubes that made it into the build were the cream of the crop!

At the customer’s request, I added a post phase inverter master volume to the back panel using a PEC dual 500K pot.  He wanted it on the back so that it wouldn’t alter the looks of the front panel.  Using the chickenhead knob should help him be able to tell where it’s set if he is reaching around blindly from the front.

This head is going to be running into a Marshall 4×12 cab loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. I’m going to see if I can get the owner to do a demo video, because the tone should be epic.


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