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Alessandro Crossbred Mutt

This is an Alessandro Crossbred Mutt 1×12 combo.  40W of 6L6 goodness in a relatively small, lightweight package.  It’s a very straightforward circuit, laid out nicely, and easy to work on.  I admire the workmanship in this amp, even though I really don’t like carbon comp resistors.

So, the amp came in with a blown 6L6 and a shorted output transformer.  Easily resolved, despite having to purchase the OT from Alessandro directly.  The tube failure also took a screen resistor with it.  And, no surprise, one of the carbon comp grid resistors cracked from the heat.

Once I had the amp back up an running, I found that the reverb tank was dead.  (Turns out this has been a recurring problem in this amp.)  Alessandro opted to mount the tank on the vertical side of the amp chassis, which makes the tank a special order.  With my customer’s OK, I changed it to a readily available tank that mounts on the cab bottom.  (You know… like a normal amp.)

With everything back together, the amp is impressive.  It has a BIG sound that belies its stature and weight. It is punchy, and crystal clear. I can see a lot of reasons that this amp is my customer’s preferred gigging amp.


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